Working with Select Services is made simple and carefree

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Enjoy maximum flexibility as Select Services discharges you from administrative and legal constraints

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Select Services empowers you with full control, offering you maximum transparency

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Select Services' commits itself to serving you with the highest of standards of quality

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Select Services is an umbrella company (PEO), which manages contracts between contractors and clients. Select Services allows independent consultants (contractors) to benefit from the advantages of an employee status and for client companys to discharge themselves from administrative and legal constraints.

Advantages for consultants

  • Work in full freedom and autonomy
  • Be your "own boss"
  • Free yourself from administrative constraints
  • Benefit from advantages of an employee status
  • Discharge yourself of legal and fiscal constraints
  • Benefit from life insurance
  • Manage your time freely
  • Gain full control and maximum transparency
  • Receive quality assistance and administrative support
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Advantages for companies and NGOs

  • The workforce adapts to the needs of the company
  • No HRM, just a monthly invoice
  • No layoff costs
  • Reduce salary costs
  • Facilitate the allocation of training costs
  • Benefit from professional experience
  • Evaluate before hiring
  • A good and fair relationship between the company and the consultant
  • Benefit from specific skills for specific tasks
  • Speed of Processing Transactions
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For whom is our service?

  • Experienced executives
  • Retirees who want to stay active part-time and share their experience
  • Employees who want a complimentary salary
  • Teams working on a specific and limited project
  • Future staff wishing to gain experience
  • An entreprepneur who likes to try out his/her idea
  • companys looking for flexible collaboration
  • Desire to work from home
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